10 Reasons Why You would Love to Work with Us

Greetings our new or potential teammate-to-be! Maybe you’ve just received an LOI from us or maybe you simply stumbled upon us while looking for a job. Either ways, you are here to know a little more about what kind of a place and people we are, and whether you will like us or not. We know the apprehension surrounding the decision of taking up a new job, so to allay your immediate fears, let us tell you, we are a fairly relaxed bunch, who value talent above anything else in people.

Furthermore, here are a few more things about us that we would like you to know.

We don’t judge the book by its cover

As long as you know what is acceptable at a workplace, you can walk in to the office wearing your most comfy outfits and get down to working, without much pretense.


The first name culture

We love being addressed by our beautiful, meaningful first names, so do you, we hope. Words like ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’ are banned here.

first name

Get to drive your own ‘car’eer

Nobody knows your real potential better than you. That is why, you get to set your own quarterly goals here, define your own daily tasks and be your own worst critic.


There is a genie waiting for you here

Our monthly Lucky Draw Scheme gives you a once-in-a-tenure opportunity to demand anything from the bosses that will inspire you to work harder. So, start deciding on what you desire the most. So far, people have grabbed a MacBook, a laptop and some online courses.


Get to try on some new hats

Of course you will have a proper job title and a defined work profile, but when the situation arises, we are sure you would be glad to widen your horizons and learn new things.


The Rooster Award

Naturally, you can’t escape our notice if you manage to do more than what is expected of you. Every quarter, our most hard-working employee gets a shining cup and a gold coin as a recognition for his/ her efforts.


The parties are always harder

We sure don’t want to end up with dull Jack’s and Jill’s in our office. So, we try to balance all that hard work with as much play in form of monthly Birthday celebrations, fun games and HR events, at times even, putting up projectors for World cup matches.


The creative space

When cubicles, desks and people start getting awfully formal and restrictive to your thought process, you can escape in to the ‘Bean Bag Room’ for some uninhibited introspection, exploration, or even personal growth during the self-learning hours on Fridays.


Holiday with colleagues

Just like the work culture, our yearly picnics and getaways are never the routine, done-to-death water parks or resorts… they’re more on the lines of trekking, rafting, camping, barbecues etc.


Never go hungry

We understand the deep connection between food and motivation for work, so we keep our fridge and snack-boxes stocked with munchies to sate your hunger before it gets to your head.


Last but not the least, be the first to know and grab all the best deals in town and save a lot of your hard-earned money.

Hope, we’ll see you around soon!

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