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Desidime Turned 5 this July

Birthdays are always special, no matter how many years pass by, but this year was a tad bit extra special for us because it is with this birthday that we entered a new phase of growth. To quote the founders, this year “we enter a phase in our journey where we turn a new page… from doubts to clarity from uncomfortable situations to even more uncomfortable situations… To learn things we have not learned so far… “

Thus, no doubt, a grand celebration was in order, and like eager teenagers we decided to have a dress-code for the party.

Thus, there we were all, wearing our hard-work on our backs, for that is what the DesiDime t-shirts represent to us- hard work and passion.


We also decided to surprise our colleagues a little, and so we had the office all decked up with balloons, before they punched-in for the day. (BTW, ‘punch in’ is just a phrase here; we don’t really believe in having a machine that makes you feel guilty about every single minute you could not be in office.)


And these red and white festoons are still up for the employees to indulge in some post-work fun bursting-spree. It also doubles up as a stress“buster”, you know… when a colleague gets too irritating, take it out on these balloons while they last.

Another small surprise for our staff was a small gesture in form a ‘Thank You’ note sitting on their desk when they arrived in office. It is our workforce that has helped us reach this milestone; this was the least we could do to show our gratitude to them.


Even though everyone in office is well past their schooling days, we had no qualms in ordering a massive cake in the shape of the number 5 (in case, someone forgot which birthday it was ;) )


The birthday celebration coincided with the joining of a new member, Gustavo to the PCPL family. So, it was this jolly good fellow from Brazil who was asked to cut the sinfully yummy Red Velvet cake on behalf of the company. The guy was all blushes and manners… stood with his slice in hand till everyone got theirs. Bless him!


After everyone managed to grab as much of the cake as they could, they were served with some smoking hot missal and cold drinks.

These days you just can’t have a birthday party and not click a selfie! After all it was our 5th birthday! So, we all squeezed in together and the pogonophile* boss somehow managed to capture 35 of us in a single frame. (*Yeah, he has a thing for beards)


This was followed by some inspiring words from the bosses.


Just before the close of the party, it was time for the announcement of the ‘Employee of the Quarter’. Our Office Help cum Administrative Assistant, Datta was the proud and deserving man who got to hold the shining cup, this time. It was in recognition of his efforts, as he not only made tea, coffee and took care of all the sundry things that keep the office going but also helped the HR and Admin team with all the filing and assembling.


A befitting end to a perfect evening.