Pictionary is More Fun with Bad Drawings and Weird Guesses

Have you ever played Pictionary?

If yes, you must not have played it the way we did.


Recently, at Parity Cube, our employees were engaged in a fun filled Friday playing pictionary.

Unlike the actual rules of the game, our HR and hosts- Geeta and Ekta gave it a little twist. 5 teams with 7 talents in each were formed. Each team was given a minute to guess the drawing.

A team player was supposed to pick a dice from a box. Then they were supposed to pick a card. Whichever colour dice they had picked, they had to draw the object mentioned in that colour on the card.


Every player was allowed only once to be the picturist (the player who draws for the team).

Well obviously we allowed the other teams to distract the guessers.

Do you want to know some of our hit guesses & drawings?


Akshay had drawn a long triangle trying to explain his team a famous monument. His team ended up guessing it to be mountain, tower, Alphabet “ A ” etc. whereas it was an Eiffel Tower.

Anil drew an airplane and some chaat hawkers trying to explain fast-food, but his team guessed it as fast, food, airplane, garden, pani puri, bhel, etc.

Another team player drew rain to explain monsoon, his team ended up guessing rains, water, rainbow, sweater, umbrella and everything else.

Dhrumi was trying to explain direction to her team with the help of an arrow and a hand… but her team could only guess that it was a hand, an arrow but not the actual word “ right”.



The winning team was Sumit’s team. Their team could guess the maximum number of drawings. They scored the best and the highest amongst all the teams.

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